Channel 4 Mural

The excuse I needed to include a Mark Corrigan quote in my work.

Back in October 2015, a staff member from Channel 4’s sales office in Manchester Tweeted that they were looking for an artist to create a mural.

Through a fortunate twist of fate the manager of Ziferblat, a pay as you go café in Manchester where I was displaying my work at the time, recommended to them that I was the man for the job.

Thankfully, after a few meetings, Channel 4 agreed.

It was a daunting experience at first. I only had a handful of murals under my belt at the time and here I was putting my stamp on a British institution. It wasn’t long before those initial nerves turned to excitement, though.

Channel 4 wanted a piece that was fun and paid homage to their longstanding legacy in producing cutting-edge and forward-thinking television, featuring nods to modern classics like Peep Show and Black Mirror to the much-loved Shameless and Countdown.

After three days the piece was finished and was later unveiled at a launch party for the office attended by the head of Channel 4. The project was also the excuse I needed to include a Mark Corrigan quote in my work...

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