Innside Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport Mural Work

In spring 2019 I spent 8 days at Innside Paris Charles De Gaulle hotel creating some mural work around the hotel for them. This work came as a result of one of the managers from the hotel seeing the work I had done at the Innside Prague hotel and wanting something similar and inviting me over.

It was quite a big job at this hotel as they wanted a large Paris mural on the wall in reception opposite the lifts and then a small piece of artwork on each of the 7 floors with Paris landmarks and the floor number surrounded by doodles.

It took me 4 days to do the main Paris map mural, the wall was not painted and was stone similar to a wall you would paint on outside so it wasn’t the easiest surface but it still created a great effect in the end.

Paris is also obviously an amazing city with loads of landmarks so that was lots of fun to draw.

My artwork on the other floors took another 3 days and there were a few splashes of colours on these to highlight the melia hotels in Paris. All this work was done again using my trusty posca pens!

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