Innside Prague Old Town Mural Work

I was approached in February 2019 about doing some artwork at the newly opened Innside Prague Old Town. A month later I was on a very bumpy flight to Prague ready to doodle on their walls.

Compared to some of my projects this was quite a small one and not actually a map. This was to be a landmarks mural of Prague at the main entrance to the hotels reception.A detailed drawing of the hotel would be at the front of the design and then well known Prague landmarks would underlap behind it to create a 3D effect.

This was one of my favourite murals to work on purely because the buildings were so beautiful and such fun to draw.

Once the buildings were all drawn on the hotel management decided they would like some of my trademark doodles and roads around the piece to fill the wall out a bit more which I was more than happy to do.

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