Marks & Spencer

In the Autumn of 2019, Marks and Spencers approached by to create a mural in their flagship store, found on Manchester’s bustling Market Street. The experience not only introduced my work to millions of shoppers but also allowed me to develop my ideas with local communities. 

At the time, the store was going through a major refurbishment and my work would be a focal point of that. Over several meetings my ideas were fleshed out and the piece began to take shape, but there was something missing. 

We needed a local touch, something that made the artwork a true Manchester original.

That meant speaking with the store’s longest serving staff members who suggested new additions and personal touches to the map, from landmarks which survived the IRA bomb in 1996 to the Mitre pub where staff meet for after work drinks.

This all culminated in a map that was close to 20 metres long, took a full week to complete and spanned the length and breadth of Greater Manchester, from the suburbs of Stockport and Bury to Tameside and Salford. Looking back, this piece was a testament to a city that is as diverse as it is inspiring.

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